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5 Types of Videos Businesses Can Use

5 Types of Videos Businesses Can Use  

Whilst video content might have once been a nice-to-have for businesses, it’s now almost considered a necessity. In 2023, 91% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. This was up from 61% in 2016 according to research carried out by Wyzowl.

So, you’ve set some time and budget aside and what to create some videos for your business. But, what videos should you create? This ultimately depends on who your target audience is. If you are looking to recruit new people your team, then Event Coverage could be a key place to start. If you are looking to spread brand awareness within your target market, then Social Media videos might be your top priority. For many businesses, an all-round approach including multiple types of videos is most successful. Here are 5 types of videos businesses can use…

5 Types of Videos Businesses Can Use  

1. Social Media Videos 

Short, engaging, vertical videos. With what feels like an unlimited amount of content to consume online, short snappy videos ensure that your brand’s message is out there before user’s swipe to the next. Videos shared on social media also tends to be slightly more informal and less salesly than say website videos. The most successful social media videos are eiher educational, entertaining or inspiring. 

2. Client Testimonials

You might have 100% faith in your products and/or services but what do your customers think? Getting real customers to sit down in front of the camera and share their experience with your business is excellent for building trust. Tell their entire story, from their first encounters with your business to the benefits they have had since working with you and everything in between. Not only that, these videos can also provide brand awareness for your clients too and get their name out infront of a wider audience. 

3. Event Coverage 

If you host large company events, functions or charity fundraisers, videoing the day is a great way to look back on these brilliant moments. Not only that, these videos are ideal for showcasing your business’ company culture to prospective employees and customers. From fun runs to gala balls, Event Videos can be shared on your website, in email newsletters and across your social media channels.

4. Corporate Videos 

The most traditional type of business videos, these allow your business to explain who you are, what you do and why you do it. These can be posted on your website and also used in internal company communications including recruitment and onboarding. They typically are shot in an interview style and are a few minutes in length.

5. Explainer Videos

Consider these almost an elevator pitch for your products or services. They typically include high-level content and efficiently explain all the key information a prospect should be aware of. For businesses with software or products, explainer videos often include short demonstrations too. Explainer videos are often used on Landing Pages or in sales emails. 

No matter your business’ industry, a combination of these 5 types of videos can help you craft a successful video marketing strategy. Here at Webbla, we provide Video Production services for businesses in Southampton, Hampshire and beyond. If you’d like to discuss any of these video types or have a specific idea in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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